amplificador de red movil para areas rurales y granjas todo lo que necesitas saber

Amplificador de red móvil para áreas rurales y granjas: todo lo que necesitas saber

The Mobile Network Booster is a device that promises to improve the cellular signal wherever you are. However, there are many questions that users have about these devices. If you are in the city and you have cell signal problems, it will help you to purchase a Mobile Network Booster. But today we will focus on those people who need to improve the signal in rural areas or farms. It seems like a more difficult job because it is not a secret that in those areas the signal enters worse.

The challenges of rural areas and farms

Wonderful things could be said about country life. Away from the noise of the city and pollution, it is the best place to rest. This leads hundreds of people to decide to move to the countryside to live or at least spend the weekends. Others develop their lives in the countryside because they work on farms all day.

In both cases, rural life sometimes surprises them with difficulties that do not usually affect them so much in the cities. Among many things, we can mention the lack of mobile coverage.

Living in a remote rural area means having limited mobile signal. It is common on farms and farms to find signal dead zones. There, where you can not make calls or access the Internet. These are the challenges, the other side of the coin of rural areas and farms. Having to live with dropped calls, missed text messages and slow mobile networks. It can be very annoying for many. And not to mention when it comes to the need for good coverage in case of an emergency.

For this reason, we know that it is important to be able to improve the mobile signal in those areas that are somewhat abandoned by mobile operators. It’s a challenge, but… don’t be scared, today we’ll talk a little about it.

Alternatives to improve the mobile signal in rural areas:

Before going on to solve all the doubts about the Mobile Network Amplifier, we will mention some alternatives to increase coverage. Of course, they will not replace them, but you lose nothing if you put them into practice.

  1. Change your mobile operator to one with better mobile signal reception for rural areas

Mobile carriers often disagree on the strength of the signal coming from their cellular network. In rural areas where it is common to see fewer cell towers, some operators offer better coverage than others. There are applications that allow you to analyze the mobile coverage in the area. Identify which ones are by testing with people who have other operators, which one sends a stronger signal in your location. Or you can also check which signals reach the area here.

  1. Find the sweet spot on your farm or country house

There are areas where the mobile signal reaches stronger. They are almost always located in the highest places of the terrain and where there are almost no obstacles (trees, mountains, etc.). Look for these areas and locate yourself there when you need to maintain the most stable connection.

Also, it is advisable to keep the windows open. This is due to the interference generated by the walls in the waves of telephone signals. Standing in front of an open window can help you get a strong enough signal to make calls without interruption.

  1. Turn off other electronic equipment

Electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, microwave ovens, and more can interfere with cell phone signals. It is advisable that you do everything possible to prevent the spread of these external signals. Additionally, turn off cellular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  1. Switch to a less congested network

At the moment the network most used by the community is 4G and in some areas, the 5G network is already being deployed. In both cases, these networks tend to become congested by having more users using them simultaneously. Therefore, if you need to make calls and find little coverage, it is better to switch to a less congested network. Go to the phone settings and set the network to have 3G or 2G coverage. The good thing about this process is that, if you don’t find much difference, you can again configure the device to the 4G/LTE network.

Now yes, let’s talk about the Mobile Network Amplifier

 How well does Mobile Network Booster work in rural areas and farms?

The answer is…Very good! These devices have been precisely designed to improve the voice signal in challenging areas. Therefore, they are often used by hotels, country clubs and companies located in the rural sector. If you install a signal booster on your farm, you will see an instant improvement no matter what mobile operator you have.

How do you increase mobile signal reception in remote areas?

A Mobile Network Amplifier is made up of three elements: an external antenna, an amplifier unit and an internal antenna.

The outdoor antenna is installed with the function of picking up the 4G/LTE and 3G signals that it finds in the middle. After receiving them, it sends them to the repeater equipment. This device manages to repeat, amplify and enhance the received signals up to 32 times. It is important that you keep in mind that the repeater does not create the signals, it only amplifies them. Once it has amplified (repeated) these signals, it sends them to the indoor antenna. This last device is responsible for transmitting the reinforced signal in the place where you install it. Thus, you can enjoy mobile coverage wherever you are.

Does the Mobile Network Booster improve coverage in all rural areas?

Again, it is important to clarify the previous point. Mobile Network Booster only boosts signals it finds weak, but does not create them. In most rural areas that are characterized by being populated, they do achieve a great improvement in the signal.

But, there are certain areas of the country that make it difficult for amplifiers to work. Those where there are no traces of human population. We refer to thick forests or large extensions of forest mass. Most of the time they are usually green areas (extensive nature reserves) protected by the same government. In these cases, the mobile signal is usually zero or too low. There, it is difficult to improve the signal even with the reinforcement of a repeater, but that is better than no signal.

But, in common rural areas and farms where there is some population, the result is very favorable.

Does the Mobile Network Booster work if you want to camp in a rural area?

This is an excelent question. Depends on what you mean by “camping”. If the camp is going to be set up inside a building with electricity, of course yes. If you want to camp in a virgin forest area without access to electricity, then no. A mobile signal booster will not work.

Does the Mobile Network Booster work for any cell phone?

That’s how it is. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Samsung or any other smartphone. The important thing is that you are linked to an operator and do not have the phone blocked for other reasons.

How to choose the Amplifier that best suits my needs?

Don’t worry. We have a team of advisers who will evaluate your requirements for free to offer you the best option. Also, if you have more questions about mobile signal repeaters for rural areas and farms, do not hesitate to contact us at

Currently we have in our store devices according to:

  • The signal you want to improve: 2G , 3G , 4G or all
  • The size of your property: up to 300 m2, up to 500 m2, up to 1000 m2, up to 5000 m2
  • Depending on your operator: Movistar , Orange, Vodafone or Yoigo

Keep in mind that if the signal you receive outside your property is very weak, you will also need to purchase a Yagi antenna . This device will guarantee the operation of the Mobile Network Amplifier.

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